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Aftershock is a show and boarding kennel in southern Ohio dedicated since 1981 to producing top-winning and top-producing show, companion, and performance Belgian Tervuren.


My dogs have been in the ribbons at every ABTC National Specialty since 1983.  I've bred multi-national Best in Show, High in Trial, OTCH, HTCH, more the 75 champions, performance-titled, and best-friend Tervuren by combining North American and European lines.

For a pictorial history of Aftershock in the breed and performance ring, see History.

To see the dogs in my breeding program, see Meet the Dogs, divided into Males, Females, and Retired.

For information on current litters, see Puppies.

Puppy 13053015 Yellow M
GW 2018 Kalypso 10w 18081148 Willow
GW 2018 Puppies 10w 18091103 Willow
CM 2013 Montana 13051523 Ashley Cheryl
Thorin 2019 03 Aftershock Dreamcatcher 1
Montana 2013
ID 2020 Rocco 4m 20031045 Raquel
IE 2019 Orchid 5m 19102703
Layla 17103125 Aftershock Mystic Moonlig
GW 2018 Red M 18081101 Cheryl
GW 2018 Red M 18081102 Cheryl

Meet the Dogs

We Have Puppies


Reservations are being accepted at the breeder's discretion for Aftershock's U Litter, born August 08, 2020 from GRCH Madoc de la Terre Sauvage and Aftershock Willow the Wisp.


Reservations will be accepted on September 13, 2020 for Aftershock's V Litter from Zion de Chemin des Sorcierés and Aftershock Mystic Moonlight.


If you are interested in a puppy, please read my contract, and send me an application. See photos and pedigrees on the Litter pages.


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