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Aftershock D Litter

Shaman x Peru
Feb 03, 2022   1♂ / 2♀ 

Female available for show and performance from Aftershock Shaman and Aftershock Peru.  Danae is playful, sassy, affectionate, loves everybody, has medium drive, and exquisite type and temperament.  

Her training thus far includes crate-training, walking on a leash, sit, stand, socializing with people, other dogs, and cats, and beginning house manners.   Click on parents' registered names to see their OFA health records, and those of their parents, siblings, and offspring.


If you are interested in Danae, please read my contract, and send me an application. Both are available in the Documents section of this website.

Danae 22041750 SP 10w Carter.jpg
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