Aftershock Puppy Contract

If you are interested in a puppy, or an older Tervuren, please send me an application, and read my contract.  I rely on buyers' understanding and contractual agreement to ensure long and happy lives for my puppies. 


If Covid restrictions or inclement weather prevent shipping, buyers must pick-up puppies from the breeder. 

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Puppy Contract

The puppy named in this contract: Aftershock ________________ is an AKC registrable Belgian Tervuren, born ____________, in good health, and free from congenital defects and communicable diseases as determined by the Breeder and the Breeder's veterinarian. He/She is being sold for $____, of which $500.00 will be paid as a non-refundable deposit upon reservation, and $2000.00 will be paid on receipt of the puppy.

Buyer and Breeder agree to the following terms.

01  Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within seven days of possession.

02  Buyer may return the puppy to the Breeder for refund or replacement if, within the first seven days of possession, a licensed veterinarian certifies in writing that the puppy is ill or deformed in such a way as to make it unsuitable for the purpose for which it was intended.  Any transportation costs, including a health certificate for airline travel, are the responsibility of the Buyer.

03  Breeder provides a three year limited genetic health guarantee. Should the puppy die as a result of a genetic illness as diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian through an official necropsy, the Breeder will provide a replacement puppy of like quality. Monetary refunds are not available. Shipping is excluded.  Except as stated in this contract, the Breeder makes no representations as to the health of this puppy, nor does the Breeder assume any other financial obligations to the Buyer.

04  Buyer agrees to wait until the puppy is at least two years old to neuter if male, and, until after the first heat to spay if female. Failure to comply will void any guarantees provided by this contract.  See: The Damaging Effects of Early Neuter & Spay.

05  Buyer agrees, for the health and longevity of the puppy, to follow the vaccination protocol as determined by the Breeder or Dr. Jean Dodds (2016 Vaccine Protocol).  Failure to comply will void any guarantees provided by this contract.  See Vaccinating Your Pet.

06  Buyer agrees to allow the puppy to live indoors as a companion, and to provide a fenced yard or exercise area for the puppy when he or she is outside. 

07  Buyer agrees to provide premium quality food and water, prompt veterinary care and sanitary living conditions.

08  Buyer agrees to provide proper grooming, training, socialization, and exercise as determined by the Breeder.

09  Buyer agrees to maintain the puppy/dog to within 5 pounds of his or her ideal weight, usually 50-65 pounds for an adult male, and 38-50 pounds for an adult female.

10  Buyer agrees not to sell, place, trade or transfer ownership of the puppy/dog without consulting and obtaining in writing the Breeder's agreement.  If Buyer is unable or unwilling to keep the puppy/dog for any reason, the Breeder shall be contacted immediately.  Breeder may reclaim the dog at no cost (shipping excluded) and/or may assist Buyer in finding the puppy/dog a mutually agreeable new home.  Failure to comply will void this contract.

11  If the puppy/dog is euthanized without the Breeder's knowledge and consent, no monetary refunds or replacement will be available. Breeder must be informed if the puppy/dog is in such condition that euthanization is considered.

12  Buyer agrees to provide Breeder the opportunity to request a necropsy, at Breeder's own expense, should the puppy die of undetermined cause prior to the age of five years. This is to rule out possible genetic illness and allow the Breeder to take appropriate actions should a genetic cause be found.